really secret place

In the twilight, on the verge of total dehibernation, he finds himself in a place that really means circle. There was not even question, because there are not any answer. There is only one way and all roads lead there. While I waited, I realized that I am standing in, and wherever I go, I will always stand in the same place. That’s why I moved down, forward, back, up, down – completely still, all roads lead to the return …..

 “Back in ….”

It was always the same – and then in 1986 when he founded Pergament, which in Sombor, which in Novi Sad, which in Subotica, which in Apatin. We are gathered from many sides, not because there was not enough good musicians in one of the places listed, but because we were ready to return. I’m not saying that others are not, but I say that when we were … and now we are.

Michael Farkas – Taker: drums
Stevan Zahorjević – Baba Cajkovski: Guitar
Stanko Indjić: vocals
Stevan Serban – Dabar: bass
Robert Djarmati: Guitar

They headed into the back of the first …… Taker and BC had some rehearsals in the famous “Reon” in Sombor and each subsequent probe there were more people. It seemed that they like, and these madmen are playing something completely different, maybe even weird for that time. I do not know what to call it, I do not know how I would now call, but it was completely different. And after Tucker’s famous sentence: “Let’s metalčugu who drinks this water pistols” – set to work form a band, so in that spirit – water pistols in a Tucker slang could be translated as “devoted without reservation.” It was such a flow – “flow”. There’s nothing to explain, but this site requires some kind of explanation, but we are obliged to give.
Songs were created, rehearsals were in all the places we come from, provided that we get another “headquarters” – Odžaci. In Odžaci we met a man who was ready for a different way to be part of the return – Simo Rebic. The man who is at least as varied in relation to its environment, how Pergament differed in their musical expression in relation to the existing template of musical expression, but also a powerhouse enough water pistols to step where others would not stick force. In any case, for all of us this is a challenge that is worth to give what you do not. Of course, no existing music companies wanted to be a publisher then, such a band. Does Pergament did not fit into any commercial, political or social needs and vision of the then valedictorian and generals, or is it all part of a coincidence, I’m totally not interested. Even if I’m interested, why should I care, because there are no coincidences.
Thus Rebić Simo with his falcons, which are sometimes locked into a room to rehearse until they rolled rehearsed the songs, and sometimes bogme and fired tear gas when falcons were not worthy enough, pushed way to the realization of the first major objective – plate (and rights) “Hot line”. When there is a publisher who would you released material – what only thing left to do? Create your own label. Just to remind you, it was not like today, a pair of red and surrender papers agency and they give you a cage for a week or two. It was a big job, and then Simo is severe Eagle to Pergament saw the light of day – and did not let him tread plowing! One of the few … An opportunity to bargain and no reason everyone can managed it looks nice, even wonderful – but there is another side. All they wanted right, and I would like, but do all we can? Who is going to work if we all managed. By the nature of things, the one who manages the most worked hard, because he has the most experience and therefore can be good and others to successfully organize to work in income terms. Al alas, began to manage the idlers, as this may not work, and to take, not realizing that there is a short fuse – and it would be them, while they give … tenants.
Lined the concerts in the former Yugoslavia …. Sarajevo, Zagreb, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica …. they certainly were there and Pest and Vienna in the arrangement, but agreed. They took pictures of me and there, in that Vienna, the famous Arena! Everything profi, to announce his return to Vienna. And then they went, these drones in various shapes and forms ….. We wanted to bring attention to the people and so is the second venture was shorter format with only one new track: “Mr. Rat.” The venture we called “Mr. War “and that the band because of these circumstances was forced to newcomers, of course, welcome and also ready to return.

Michael Farkas – Taker: drums
Stevan Zahorjević – Baba Cajkovski: Guitar
Branko Badžić Schlog – : vocals
Stevan Serban – Dabar: bass
Zoran Tiragić: Guitar

Schlog is brought novelty texts were in English. In fact, “Mr War” had to be completed summarily, since the good old bitch Yugoslavia, it is well shot at the seams and the band did not mean to indicate that if things continue as they went, they will not be good, at least not for good ordinary people. We are not imagined that we can change the already well designed devastating flow that was already in his eskalirajućoj stage, but we filled the idea of ​​that obligation artist to make the least effort 

in its domain to indicate what the company is not good, and so was created the last great Yugoslav concert and there really was Pergament organized.
In this period it was the most concerts. Probably one of the most striking is certainly the advent of the “Danube Evenings” in Backa Palanka. Concert activities were arranged in three nights and every night there was a band – “evening star.” First and second night went to Gaul and fish soup, a third parchment. I do not know what it was like on the other two nights, but when he played Pergament, sold more than 20,000 tickets. It was the immense amount of Nations in front of the stage. At one point there was a great commotion in the audience. There was a verbal conflict between two large groups of people and the band’s bassist – Dabar, approached the microphone. He addressed the audience and unequivocally support one of two of the group, which is represented by a certain attitude that was in the spirit of truth and freedom. He mentioned some unpleasant scenes that we had the previous evening at a club in Novi Sad. Raja has overwhelmingly supported this verbal presentation and showed his affection band unequivocal support. The resulting crater is. The band began to play his creative track: “Hot Line” … the stage was shaking, raja delirious. It was one of the few events in life when you experience that thousands of people each. This is called RETURN, says the Tempus Sans ITC.
Whether due to lack of preparation on the stage reactivity of so much people, whether because of general security, our manager, Rebić Simo and our great friend of the band Aca Pražić (otherwise then the organizers of these concerts) started from the backstage shouting: “Blues … Blues … Blues “- with a clear indication that the stage collapse if we continue with this” return “in the form of” hot lines “. I looked at each other, just because they asked us to people who have always had infinite trust, we started with one of the famous blues number “Led Zeppelin”. Fortunately or unfortunately (we’ll never know), all was quiet. Blues is effectively strangled exaltation majority of those present. We who were on the stage, we were like boxers in a nogdaunu … we ourselves have done it myself. Who knows?
Probably by nature far more important concert for the Pergament had as great an opening act Alice Cooper in, in a big hall Sajmiste in Belgrade on July 21, 1990. It was definitely nesvakidašan event for the band, primarily because we’re able to see what work is this machine, it’s not just on Alice Cooper’s, but on the whole organization that monitors an event like this, unfortunately, not the domestic part of the organization for whose omission is the concert of the day was canceled several times and thus miracle was finally held . Good will be only one detail that will indicate the precise organization of brutal men who are engaged there in a white world this business – on the way to the stage before the show, we stopped the tour manager and asked: “Where are you guys?” Someone replied: ” So now we have the performance. ” “Ok, your performance is at 20:00, 19:56 and now it is, you have to wait” ….. Comment unnecessary.
Of course it is from this period is certainly an interesting moment of the band’s participation in the film by Želimir Žilnik – “Black and White”. The film had a terrible message, brutal and clear, just like ‘Mr War “.

For various reasons, and that if they are now remembered, would be irrelevant – the band ceased to function. It’s been a couple of years and are beginning to see a new RETURN. Taker was not ready for a new comeback, but probably would not Pergament Pergament was that there was no bar one member from Sombor. The new lineup joined the Robert Sich, surely one of the best bass players in this region ever.

Stevan Zahorjević – Baba Cajkovski: Guitar
Zoran Tiragić: Guitar
Vladan Čohadžić – Edi: drums
Momcilo Grujičić – Moca: vocals
Robert Sič: bass

This setup is certainly not had so much as the previous concerts, but had unwavering spirit to do great things. For months they lived together, worked together, and of course play together. Rules are completely new and twisted arrangements, among addressed known as “Brain Brake”. Edi was a great young drummer from Belgrade … and now (though not more not so young). It was enough just once to hear any new song from Slayer and he could play the next instant. Many were needed dozens of rehearsal for something. For Sič all is said and Moca was a great singing talent. We have worked to his great ability to reconcile the needs of the performing band. The resulting songs are powerful, with a very complex arrangements. We had the impression then that we can stand with any HM greats from the world of the time and at least an equal footing to deal with them. We were really ready for the greatest achievements. Unfortunately, (then Yugoslavia, but in the end), Yugoslavia was smaller, but getting out more difficult. Author band was able to make 3-4 concerts a year, is not enough for a minimum of survival, but no one in the band did not want, and it rolled to prostitute their musical abilities. 

Let us not resentment colleagues, because it is understandable that if you decided to live from the music (in this area), you have to basically deal with the waste. We’ve selected a second time – again all on his side.
“Brain Brake” remained a link between the previous and following of the law … and of course again Sombor.
Konan Varvarin Dogman, as one of the most talented students of a large Tucker, was already late, unfortunately, he was ready to succeed his teacher and took over the drum stick in the parchment. Zoki’s always been there. When the parchment was in hibernation, there is your peace of hanging out with bees, and it did for many years successfully trained children table tennis, from your Bački Brestovac and makes them small, and even big champions. There was a little problem in finding a singer, but we had the honor at least to cooperate with shiny Lotketom.

Zoran Lalovic – Lotke: vocals
Stevan Zahorjević – Baba Cajkovski: Guitar
Zoran Tiragić: Guitar
Davor Demonja – Dogman Konan Varvarin: drums
Dejan Radovanov – Deda: bass

Fresh blood in the form of rhythm section gave an entirely new elan band. However, this was certainly the shortest – return. Old gold is so – they say, the best bitches. What’s left is a ghost period of operation of this law is a call that is misplaced again completely new songs and a new sound. Damabeg production guitar now changed a bit worn vintage sound and a new mystery is born:

Stevan Zahorjević – Baba Cajkovski: Guitar
Davor Demonja – Dogman Konan Varvarin: drums
Dejan Radovanov – Deda Ramstein Tribute: Guitar
Igor Ždrnja: vocals
Nebojša Bjeletić Blanket: bass

    U samom sumraku, na granici totalne dehibernacije, nadjoh se baš na mestu koje označava krug. Nije čak bilo ni pitanja, jer odgovora nema. Postoji samo jedan put i svi putevi vode tamo. Još dok sam čekao, shvatih da stojim u mestu i gde god da krenem, uvek ću stojati na istom mestu. Zato i krenuh, napred, iza, gore, dole – potpuno je svejedno, svi putevi vode u povratak…..

                                 “Back in …..“


Uvek je bilo isto – i tada 1986. kada je Pergament osnovan, što u Somboru, što u Novom Sadu, što u Subotici, što u Apatinu. Okupili smo se sa raznih strana, ne zato što nije bilo dovoljno dobrih muzičara u jednom od pobrojanih mesta, već zato što smo mi bili spremni za povratak. Ne kažem da drugi nisu, ali kažem da mi jesmo bili…i sada smo.

Mihajlo Farkaš  – Taker: bubnjevi
Stevan Zahorjević – Baba Cajkovski: gitara
Stanko Indjić: vokal
Stevan Šerban – Dabar: bas gitara
Robert Djarmati: gitara

Oni su krenuli u povratak, prvi……  Taker i BC su imali neke probe u čuvenom „Reonu“ u Somboru i svake sledeće probe dolazilo je sve više ljudi. Izgledalo je da im se dopada, a ovi ludaci su svirali nešto potpuno drugačije, možda čak i uvrnuto za to doba. Ne znam kako to da nazovem, ne znam ni kako bih to sada nazvao, ali bilo je sasvim drugačije. I nakon čuvene Takerove rečenice: „ Ajde da pičimo ovu metalčugu ko budalčine“ – rešismo da oformimo bend, baš u takvom duhu – budalčine u Takerovom slengu bi se moglo prevesti kao „posvećeni bez rezerve“. To je bio takav tok – „flow“. Nema tu šta da se objašnjava, ali ovo mesto traži neku vrstu objašnjenja, pa smo ga dužni dati.

Pesme su bile kreirane, probe su bile po svim mestima iz kojih dolazimo, s tim da smo dobili još jedno „sedište“ – Odžaci. U Odžacima smo upoznali čoveka koji je bio spreman na jedan drugi način da bude deo povratka – Simo Rebić. Čovek koji se bar isto toliko razlikovao u odnosu na svoju okolinu, koliko se Pergament razlikovao u svom muzičkom izrazu u odnosu na postojeće šablone muzičkih izraza, a istovremeno i dovoljno odvaljena budalčina da zakorači tamo gde druge ni batinom ne bi naterali. U svakom slučaju, za sve nas to je bio izazov za koji vredi dati i ono što nemaš. Naravno, ni jedna postojeća muzička kuća nije htela da bude izdavač tada, takvom bendu. Da li se Pergament nije uklapao u neke komercijalne, političke ili socijalne potrebe i vizije tadašnjih odlikaša i generala, ili je sve deo slučajnosti, potpuno me ne zanima. Čak i da me zanima, zašto bi me zanimalo, jer slučajnosti ne postoje.

Tako je Simo Rebić sa svojim sokolima, koje je ponekad zaključavao u prostoriju za probu sve dok nisu valjano uvežbali songove, a ponekad bogme i ispalio suzavac ako sokoli nisu bili dovoljno vredni, izgurao put do realizacije prvog velikog cilja – ploča (i to prava) „Vruća Linija“. Kada ne postoji izdavač koji bi vam izdao materijal – šta jedino preostaje da uradite? Napravite sopstvenu izdavačku kuću. Samo da potsetim, to nije bilo kao danas, par crvenih i predaš papire agenciji i oni ti daju ćage za nedelju-dve. To je bila velika rabota tada i Simo je žestoko orao da bi Pergament ugledao svetlost dana – i nije dao da mu se gazi oranje! Jedan od retkih… Prilika da jeftino i bezrazložno svi mogu da gazduju izgleda lepo, čak divno – ali ima to i svoju drugu stranu. Svi bi hteli jel, a i ja bih hteo, ali da li svi možemo? Ko će da radi ako svi gazduju. Po prirodi stvari, gazduje onaj ko se najviše naradio, jer ima najviše iskustva i zato može dobro i uspešno druge da organizuju da dohodovno rade. Al avaj, gazdovati počeše neradnici, jer tako mogu da ne rade, a da uzimaju, ne shvatajući da je tu kratak fitilj –  a i što bi, može im se, dok im daju…vinogradari.

Redjali su se koncerti po tadašnjoj Jugoslaviji….Sarajevo, Zagreb, Beograd, Novi Sad, Subotica….bogme bila tu i Pešta a i Beč u najavi, već dogovoren. Bili se mi i slikali tamo, u tom Beču, čuvena Arena! Baš sve profi, da najavimo svoj povratak u Beč. I tada krenuše ovi dronovi u raznim oblicima i vidovima….. Hteli smo na to da skrenemo pažnju ljudima i zato je drugi poduhvat bio kraćeg formata sa samo jednom novom numerom: „Gospodin Rat“. Taj poduhvat smo nazvali „Mr. War“ i tu je bend zbog pomenutih okolnosti bio prinudjen na prinove, naravno dobrodošle i isto tako spremne za povratak.  

Mihajlo Farkaš – Taker: bubnjevi
Stevan Zahorjević – Baba Cajkovski: gitara
Branko Badžić – Šlog: vokal
Stevan Šerban – Dabar: bas gitara
Zoran Tiragić: gitara

Šlog je doneo novinu, tekstovi su bili na engleskom. Zapravo „Mr War“ je morao da se završi po kratkom postupku, jer stara dobra kučka Jugoslavija, je dobrano pucala po svim šavovima a bend je imao nameru da ukaže da stvari ako se nastave kako su krenule, neće biti dobre, bar ne dobre za obične ljude. Nismo mi umislili da možemo menjati već dobro osmišljen razarajući tok koji je već bio u svojoj eskalirajućoj fazi, ali nas je ispunjavala ideja o onoj obavezi umetnika da napravi makar napor u svome domenu kako bi ukazao na ono što u društvu nije dobro, i tako je nastao poslednji veliki jugoslovenski koncert i eto baš ga je Pergament organizovao.
U tom periodu bilo je najviše koncerata. Verovatno jedan od najupečatljivijih je svakako nastup na „Dunavskim Večerima“ u Bačkoj Palanci. Koncertne aktivnosti su bile rasporedjene u tri večeri i svako veče je postojao bend – „zvezde večeri“. Prvo i drugo veče pripalo je Galiji i Ribljoj Čorbi, a treće Pergamentu. Ne znam kako je bilo na ove druge dve večeri, ali kada je svirao Pergament, prodato je preko 20.000 ulaznica. Bila je nesaglediva količina naroda ispred bine. U jednom trenutku nastalo je veliko komešanje u publici. Došlo je do verbalnog sukoba dve velike grupe ljudi i basista benda – Dabar, je prišao mikrofonu. Obratio se publici i nedvosmisleno podržao jednu od dve dotične grupe, koja je zastupala izvestan stav koji je bio u duhu istine i slobode. Pomenuo je i neke nemile scene koje smo imali prethodne večeri u jednom klubu u Novom Sadu. Raja je u ogromnoj većini podržala ovaj verbalni nastup i svoju naklonost bendu pokazala nedvosmislenom podrškom. Nastalo je grotlo. Bend je počeo da svira svoju autorsku numeru: „Vruća Linija“… bina se tresla, raja u delirijumu. Bio je to onaj od retkih dogadjaja u životu kada doživiš da su hiljade ljudi jedno. To zovemo POVRATAK , kako kaže ovaj Tempus Sans ITC.
Da li zbog nepripremljenosti bine na reaktivnost tolike količine ljudi, da li zbog opšte bezbednosti, naš menadžer, Simo Rebić i naš veliki prijatelj benda Aca Pražić (inače tada organizatori ovih koncerata) počeli su iz backstage-a da viču: „Bluz…Bluz…Bluz“ –  sa jasnom naznakom da će se bina raspasti ako nastavimo sa ovim „povratkom“ u obliku „Vruće Linije“. I pogledavši se medjusobno, samo zato što su to od nas tražili ljudi u koje smo uvek imali beskrajno poverenje, počeli smo sa jednom od poznatih bluz numera „Led Zeppelina“. Srećom ili nesrećom (to nikada nećemo saznati), sve je utihnulo. Bluz je efikasno ugušio egzaltaciju većine prisutnih. Mi koji smo bili na bini, bili smo kao bokseri u nogdaunu… a sami smo ga sebi napravili. Ko zna?

Verovatno je po značaju daleko važniji koncert koji je Pergament imao kao predgrupa velikom Alice Cooper-u, u velikoj hali Sajmišta u Beogradu 21. jula 1990. Bio je to svakako nesvakidašan dogadjaj za bend, pre svega zato što smo na delu mogli videti kakva je to mašinerija, ne mislim tu samo na Alice Cooper-a, već na svu organizaciju koja prati jedan ovakav dogadjaj, na žalost ne i domaći deo organizacije zbog čijih propusta je koncert u toku dana bio nekoliko puta otkazivan i samim čudom se na kraju ipak održao. Dovoljan će biti samo jedan detalj koji će ukazati na brutalno preciznu organizaciju ljudi koji se bave tamo u belom svetu ovim poslom – na putu ka bini pred nastup, zaustavio nas je tour manager i pitao: „Gde ćete momci?“ Neko je odgovorio: „Pa imamo sada nastup“. „Ok, vaš nastup je u 20:00, a sada je 19:56, morate sačekati“….. Komentar nepotreban.

Naravno da je iz tog perioda svakako interesantan momenat učešće benda u filmu Želimira Žilnika – „Crno i Belo“. Film je imao stravičnu poruku, brutalnu i jasnu, baš kao i „Mr War“.

Iz raznih razloga, koje i kada bi ih se sada setili, bili bi nebitni – bend je prestao da funkcioniše. Prošlo je par godina i počeo se nazirati novi POVRATAK. Taker nije bio spreman za novi povratak, ali Pergament verovatno ne bi bio Pergament da nema bar jednog člana iz Sombora. U novu postavu pridružio se Robert Sič, sigurno jedan od najboljih bas gitarista sa ovih prostora ikad.

Stevan Zahorjević – Baba Cajkovski: gitara
Zoran Tiragić: gitara
Vladan Čohadžić – Edi: bubnjevi
Momčilo Grujičić – Moča: vokal
Robert Sič: bas gitara

Ova postava sigurno nije imala toliko koncerata kao prethodne, ali je imala nepokolebljiv duh da uradi velike stvari. Mesecima su živeli zajedno, radili zajedno i naravno probali zajedno. Pravili su potpuno nove i uvrnute aranžmane, medju upućenim poznate pod nazivom „Brain Brake“. Edi je bio sjajan mladi bubnjar iz Beograda…i sada je (doduše ne više baš toliko mlad). Bilo je dovoljno samo jedanput da čuje bilo koji novi song od Slayera i mogao je odsvirati već sledećeg trena. Mnogima su bile potrebne desetine proba za tako nešto. Za Siča je sve rečeno, a Moča je bio veliki pevački talenat. Mnogo smo radili da bi njegove sjajne izvodjačke sposobnosti uskladili potrebama benda. Nastali su moćni songovi, sa vrlo kompleksnim aranžmanima. Imali smo utisak tada da možemo stati sa bilo kojim velikanima HM iz sveta toga doba i  najmanje ravnopravno se nositi sa njima. Bili smo stvarno spremni za najveće domete. Na žalost, (tada još YU, al pri kraju) Jugoslavija je bila sve manja, a izlazak iz nje sve teži. Autorski bend je mogao da napravi 3-4 koncerta godišnje i to je premalo za minimum opstanka, a niko iz benda nije hteo, i to je valjano, da prostituiše svoje muzičke sposobnosti. Neka nam ne zamere kolege, jer je razumljivo da ako si rešio da živiš od muzike (na ovim prostorima), moraš se uglavnom baviti smećem. Mi smo odabrali drugi put – i opet svi na svoju stranu.

„Brain Brake“ je ostala veza izmedju prethodne i naredne postave…i naravno opet Sombor.
Konan Dogman Varvarin, kao jedan od najtalentovanijih učenika velikog Takera, tada već na žalost pokojnog, bio je spreman da nasledi svoga učitelja i preuzeo je bubnjarsku palicu u Pergamentu. Zoki je uvek bio tu. Kada je Pergament bio u hibernaciji, nalazio je svoj mir družeći se sa pčelama, a bogme već godinama uspešno trenira decu stoni tenis, iz svog Bačkog Brestovca i pravi od njih male, pa i velike šampione. Bilo je malo problema oko nalaženja pevača, ali imali smo tu čast da bar na kratko saradjujemo sa sjajnim Lotketom.

Zoran Lalović – Lotke: vokal
Stevan Zahorjević – Baba Cajkovski: gitara
Zoran Tiragić: gitara
Davor Demonja – Konan Dogman Varvarin: bubnjevi
Dejan Radovanov – Deda: bas gitara

Sveža krv u vidu ritam sekcije dala je jedan potpuno novi elan bendu. Ipak, ovo je bio sigurno najkraći povratak. Staro zlato se zato – kažu, najbolje kuje. Ono što je ostalo kao duh perioda rada ove postave, je klica koja je zametnula opet potpuno nove songove i novi zvuk. Damabeg production guitar sada menja pomalo istrošeni vintage zvuk i nova misterija se radja:

Stevan Zahorjević – Baba Cajkovski: gitara
Davor Demonja – Konan Dogman Varvarin: bubnjevi
Dejan Radovanov – Deda Ramstein Tribute: gitara
Igor Ždrnja: vokal
Nebojša Bjeletić Ćebe: bas gitara